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QTJ4-40 semi-automatic concrete brick/block making machine

Block Machine

QTJ4-40 semi-automatic concrete brick/block making machine

QTJ4-40 brick machine has excellent performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, less labor, in line with international standards, has achieved good economic and social benefits since it was put on the market, is the ideal equipment for the production of high-quality blocks, QTJ4-40 brick machine main features:

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    main features

    1. QTJ4-40 Small free brick machine can be widely used: slag, sand, gravel, aluminum red slag, electrolytic copper slag, construction waste, volcanic slag and other raw materials, raw materials abundant Rich, can be seen everywhere, investment factory, extremely convenient. 

    2. QTJ4-40 Small brick machine In addition to the frame itself, the suspension and connection parts of the whole machine are used spring, vibration molding not only to achieve the indenter, mold box, mold core and plate vibration under four tubes, to ensure the high compactness and uniformity of the product, and stable operation, low noise, to achieve good vibration reduction Effect.


    3. QTJ4-40 small brick machine indenter can move longitudinally, easy to feed, maintenance and washing, while the indenter drop distance is small, only 20mm, on the one hand, the press foot and box, core gap is small, the block without large rough edge; On the other hand, the damage to the core is less. 

    4. QTJ4-40 small free brick machine mold replacement is convenient, through the replacement of the mold can produce 240, 140, 115 standard bricks and other different specifications of the block and roadside stone, can also be customized according to user requirements of various special-shaped molds.

    5. QTJ4-40 The wooden pallet at the bottom of the small non-burning brick machine synchronously resonates with the box core when forming, and is not affected by the impact force, so the life of the wooden pallet is more than twice that of similar products.

    Product specification

    Overall Size 1580(L)x1100(w)x2100(H)mm
    Cycle 40 Seconds
    Carriage Size 850(L)x550(W)x20(H)mm
    Vibration Frequency max3000r/m
    Electrical source 380V/50Hz(adjustable)
    Power 8.8KW
    Total Mass 1200KG


    Product capacity

    Block Name Size QTY/mould QTY/hour QTY/8hour
    Hollow block 400*200*200 4 pcs 360 pcs 2880 pcs
    Hollow block 400*150*200 5 pcs 450 pcs 3600 pcs
    Hollow block 400*100*200 7 pcs 630 pcs 5040 pcs
    Standard brick 240*115*53 21 pcs 1890 pcs 15120 pcs
    Zig zag 225*112.5*60 10 pcs 900 pcs 7200 pcs