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SY2-25 hydraulic clay brick/block making machine

Block Machine

SY2-25 hydraulic clay brick/block making machine

SY2-25 hydraulic interlocking brick machine is the exclusive equipment to produce the interlocks which is widely used in the building construction.With the mixture of cement,sand,soil,fly ash,and the lime, can produce all kinds of interlocking and paving block according to the molds. adopts the hand power and hydraulic press.The electric equipment and hydraulic elements are from imported original parts or domestic brand in China.The machine has the features of delicate structure,high performance,easy operation,low failure rate,good suitability,convenient maintenance,etc.The finished products are mainly upon the hydraulic pressure,coordinated by worker and static strength.

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    main features

    The comprehensive strength for the interlock can be more than 16-25 MPA.The bricks are widely used in the environmental construction because of high density, cold resistance,good penetration resistance,sound absorption,heat insulation,keep warm,precise size.

    1.Has greater productivity than other small block machines. This kind of brick machine is manufactured on the basis of technical transformation of the original forming brick machine. The density of the brick body becomes larger, the forming speed is faster, and the strength of the brick body is more uniform. This model is suitable for all customers. 
    2.The advanced technology makes the design of the main engine reasonable and hydraulic demoulding. High quality steel and precision welding for longer machine life, hydraulic system There are fewer failures in the work process.
    3.With low price, reliable performance, convenient operation, stability, low power consumption and many other functional characteristics, raw materials, concrete, cement, small stones, stone powder, sand, slag, construction waste, etc. can be used in the production process.
    4. This machine is SY2-25, it is clay interlocking bricks making machine, it can make different bricks by changing mold.
    5. Structure of machine is simple. It is easy to operate and maintain.
    6. Machine is hydraulic, equipped with gear pump that is double, which shapes brick faster and stronger.
    7.The power system has great selectivity, both motor and diesel engine can be used, which can satisfy different demand of customer
    8. Mold adopts to CNC technology, which has high precision rate.
    9.The advantage of our machine is water cooler system, which is different from other suppliers!! It can prolong the working time of machine!
    10. Durable manual valve with super long warranty
    11. Hydraulic compaction, good compactness of finished products
    12. hydraulic pressure and gear pump design shape bricks faster and stronger 
    SY2-25 hydraulic clay brick machine parameters: machine size 1600*1100* 1530mm, machine weight 800kg, machine power: 5.5 kW motor version, 8 HP diesel version, applicable voltage 380 volts

    Product specification

    Main Specification
    Overall Size 1600(L)x1100(w)x1530(H)mm
    Cycle 25Seconds
    Electrical source 380V/50Hz(adjustable)
    Power 5.5 kw or 8hp (diesel engine)
    Total Mass 660KGS

    Product capacity

    Block Name Size QTY/mould QTY/hour QTY/8hour
    Interlocking brick 300*150*100mm 2 pcs 300 pcs 2400 pcs
    Interlocking brick 150*150*100mm 4 pcs 600 pcs 4800 pcs