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Shandong Shunya Machinery Co., Ltd.

With the conception of high quaty and high eficiency, Shengya keeps the ideal of making its customers to get max

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Shandong Shunya Machinery Co., Ltd.

Shandong Shunya Machinery Co., Ltd has been specialzing in design,manufacture, block making machine,mixerand sale of moulds foy concrete polesconcrete mouids for pipe pies  Wth advanced equipments, excelent professionaltechnology and 18-year of practical experience, R &: D department in block makingmachine market development is aiways been at the forefront of market in the developing of Block Making Machines, Shengya is paying close atention to advancedlechnology at home and abroad, developing diferent products which are suitable to diferent investment needs from customers.

With the conception of high quaty and high eficiency, Shunya keeps the ideal of making its customers to get max. benefts, of going forward hand in hand tostriving for developments together.

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Shandong Shunya Machinery Co., Ltd.


technical strength

Our company puts the new technology, new product R &: D in the frst place.  50 patents have been appied, The appicaion ofthese new technologies ensuresraionally, stabity; rellabily of machines, which have been praised widely by customers.  Curenty,we have estabished subcompany in Tanzania & Nigena & Alera & Cameroon & kenya & Ethiopia & Dr Congo & Coate dlvoire .we also have 19 domeslic agencies in china and our machines exported more than 100 countries and regionsEquipments were purchased by Minisly of Commerce and donated to the Goverment of Democralic Repubic of the Congo as machine in aild (Lot Number: [2004I322), and purchased by Government Procurement for rebuliding eanthquake-sticken area in Tianshui City, Gansu Province.  china Ralway 20 Bureau GroupCompany Angolan Projiects department, China Petroleum Seventh Construcion Company Nigenian project deparment, Guangxi Hydroelectic Bureau Anaolarproiect department, China CTD!  

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Business partner

Engineering Corporaion Libyan project department, Sinohydro Bureau 13 company Zambia project depatment, Australan pineneedie Group for projects in Eat Timor, they al purchased Shengya Block Making machines and set a nice and iong-ferm relationship with us.    The company insists tothe people-oriented, qually first focus on the development of the intemational market All of these have certfed the development course of buiding an enterpnsethrough arduous effort, striving to make the enterprise prosperous, daring to win the first in making the first class by the Shengya people.