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QTJ4-35 Semi-automatic concrete brick/block making machine

Block Machine

QTJ4-35 Semi-automatic concrete brick/block making machine

QTJ4-35 block forming machine adopts mechanical transmission, manual operation of the mixture into the mold box vibration molding. The product has beautiful appearance, clear edges and corners, the weight error of the product is 13%, the strength can reach 10.5 (MPa), and the error is 10%. The machine is widely used, not only can produce concrete blocks, but also can use coal pulverized stone, fly ash, slag, clay ceramics, gypsum and other industrial waste slag to produce various types of load-bearing and non-load-bearing blocks. The machine has the advantages of fast molding, high compactness, high pressure, low consumables, and is the ideal brick making equipment for users.

    main features

    Shandong Shunya Machinery Co., LTD. QT4-35 block forming machine is a special equipment for the production of concrete blocks, can be operated by the main machine alone, can also be equipped with belt conveyor, J350 mixer to form a simple production line. The machine can widely use gravel, river sand, tailings sand, coal stone and other raw materials, by changing the mold to produce various specifications of concrete wall blocks. The machine has reasonable design structure and advanced technology. Adopt four vertical axis guide, upper die push and pull, automatic play material, speed cutter lifting mode.

    QTJ4-35 block forming machine application: available sand, stone, cement, can add a large number of fly ash, slag, steel slag, coal stone, ceramic, perlite and other industrial waste. Suitable for the production of all kinds of external wall blocks, interior wall blocks, wall blocks, floor blocks, berm blocks, but also can produce interlocking road blocks and roadside stones and other blocks. The addition of a secondary fabric mechanism can also produce colored pavement bricks. Widely used in buildings, roads, squares, water works, gardens and other construction. 

    QTJ4-35 block forming machine Features:
    1. The block machine body is all welded with strong square steel, extremely strong vibration resistance, work stability is very good.
    2. The mold box adopts four-column sliding, with compact, synchronous and stable lifting, and the block forming rate is greatly improved.
    3. A multi-purpose machine, you can freely replace the mold to produce hollow bricks, porous bricks, standard bricks and other bricks you need
    4. High degree of automation, blanking, molding, export continuous completion, safe and stable operation, easy to maintain.
    5. High cost performance, using up and down vibration pressure, good product compactness.

    Product specification

    Main Specification
    Overall Size 3900(L)x1800(w)x2200(H)mm
    Cycle 35 S
    Carriage Size 850(L)x550(W)x20(H)mm
    Vibration Frequency 4000-4800 Minute
    Vibration Force 40KN
    Electrical source 380V/50Hz(adjustable)
    Power 11.05KW
    Total Mass 1800kg

    Product capacity

    Block Name Size Qty/mould Qty/hour Qty/8hours
    Block 400*200*200 4pcs 400pcs 3200pcs
    Block 400*150*200 5pcs 500pcs 4000pcs
    Zig-Zag 225*112.5*60 10pcs 1000pcs 8000pcs
    Rectangle 200*100*60 14pcS 1440pcs 11519pcs
    Double T 200*160*60 8pcs 820pcs 6582pcs