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QTJ4-25 Automatic concrete brick/block making machine

Block Machine

QTJ4-25 Automatic concrete brick/block making machine

QTJ4-25 type block forming machine is also known as block brick machine, free brick machine, hollow brick machine, block forming machine generally uses slag, slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, stone, cement and other raw materials, through the block forming machine high pressure pressing out the block or brick mechanical equipment. Drawing on the characteristics of different models at home and abroad, and considering the conditions of production, use and maintenance of large, medium and small concrete block forming machines in urban and rural China, the new cutting block forming machine produced by Shunya Machinery in Shandong Province is developed.

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    main features

    It is a kind of automatic model developed by our company on the basis of the past small and medium-sized block forming machine. The mold and indenter positioning is more accurate, the use of low die orientation restraightening, fixed vibration and upper die pressure vibration, and the production of blocks with uniform density and high strength. The use of automatic cloth system has greatly improved the efficiency of production. This machine has good performance, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and conforms to JC/T920-2003 standard. It has achieved good economic and social benefits since it was put into the market, and is an ideal equipment for producing high-quality blocks and concrete bricks.

    This model has the following features:
    1. do not use clay as raw materials, do not destroy an inch of farmland.
    2. the use of industrial waste, can turn waste into treasure, harm into profit,
    3. protect the environment, eliminate pollution, save energy and save farmland.
    4. the production process is simple, can be produced everywhere
    5. less investment, quick effect, put into production half a year can fully recover the investment.
    6. with automatic fabric function.
    7. beautiful appearance, easy operation, simple maintenance.
    8. All transmission mechanisms adopt mechanical transmission, and reasonable and effective use of mechanical power, feeding and forming devices respectively with a set of transmission mechanisms to complete a variety of I art action, action coherent and reliable, durable, easy maintenance.

    Product specification

    Main Specification
    Overall Size 3900(L)x1800(w)x2200(H)mm
    Cycle 25 Seconds
    Carriage Size 850(L)x550(W)x20(H)mm
    Vibration Frequency 4000-4800r/Min
    Electrical source 380V/50Hz(adjustable)
    Power 21.65KW
    Total Mass 3500KGS

    Product capacity

    Block Name Size Qty/mould Qty/hour Qty/8hours
    Block 400*200*200 4pcs 578pcs 4624pcs
    Block 400*150*200 5pcs 712pcs 5700pcs
    Rectangle 200*100*60 14pcS 1680pcS 13440pcs
    Double T 200*160*60 8pcs 960pcs 7680pcs
    Zig-Zag 225*112.5*60 10pcs 1200pcs 9600pcs