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Round Concrete Pole Making Machine

Pole Production Line

Round Concrete Pole Making Machine

Concrete electric pole Introduction

1)This machine is a kind of mould equipment, which used for making a variety of different diameter and length of reinforced concrete poles and other cement products.

2)This machine is operated by remote-controlled continuously variable motor. It runs smoothly and has a variable-speed range. So the production of concrete pipes and piles are good at quality.

3)The base of the machine is welded in box-type structure, sturdiness and durability. The bearings are sealed and reliable, long life. Random electric control equipment is complete and easy to use.

    main features

    Concrete electric pole Working Principle 
    1)Adding the slurry into the mould, it is driven quickly and rotated in the same speed of the machine. Each component is separated and released under the centrifugal force. Usually the higher the slurry rotate speed, the better the slurry separating effect. 
    2)Centrifugal sedimentation is the use of different density of each component in the slurry, which is rotated under the centrifugal force. To realize the liquid - solid (or liquid - liquid) separation. 
    3)The speed of separation is slow when the viscosity of slurry is high. 
    4)It is good for centrifugal sedimentation when the slurry density is different in each component.

    Advantages of centrifugal concrete pole mold:
    1.Cylinder body: The material blanking according to the customer's order model, The Maximum single length is 12m , And the cylinder body has less welding seams ,which reduces the influence of welding deformation and the error of manual docking 

    2.Running wheel: The material is adopted 30Mn cold roll forming, with good wear resistance. 

    3.Welding: It is advisable to adopt the section welding process, the welding method is carbon dioxide shielded welding, the gas is mixed gas, and the welding machine adopts Panasonic welding machine, the welding spot is beautiful, and there is no welding slag. 

    4.Lathe: Introduce CW61180L-16m ultra-long lathe, ∅1000mm×15.4M and below specifications are open for overall processing, and the concentricity of the steel mold is better. 

    5.Anti-leakage grout: Our company uses a planer for a groove at the joint between the upper mold and the body, and an elastic sealing rubber strip is inserted into the groove. This rubber strip can be reused or replaced at any time. Put an end to the problem of ground joint leakage.

    Product line


    Technical parameter of pole spinning machine

    No. Item Unit Model
    Double-wheel Three-wheel
    1 Wheel thread 2000 2000
    2 Wheel base mm 950 950
    3 Riding wheel external diameter mm 600 600
    4 Riding wheel width mm 84
    5 Angelα between wheel center and line of centers of mold (°) 75°-110°
    6 Max.Length of molding concrete pole m 26 26
    7 Max.diameter of molding concrete pole End of conical rod mm 500 500
    Equal diameter rod mm 600 600
    8 Motor power km 45kw 55kw
    9 Speed range of final drive shaft r/min 60-1000 60-1000
    10 Shaft diameter mm 130 130
    11 Material of base Casting steel Casting steel

    Technical parameter of prestressed Spun Concrete Pole Mold

    Inner diameter of top end(mm) Length(m) Running Wheel Diameter(mm) Tread(mm)
    150 6~11 600 2000
    190 7~15 600 2000
    230 6~12 650 2000
    270 6~10 650 2000