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How to buy a good brick machine

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How to buy a good brick machine


To understand a Brick Making Machine, we must first understand the composition of the brick machine. The brick machine is composed of: main machine, cloth machine, plate feeder, mold, pump station, computer control system. The main function of the machine is to carry the main body of the brick machine. Supports all auxiliary equipment from top to bottom and from back to front. The cloth machine plays the role of feeding cloth, which can fully feed the raw materials into the mold. The mold is necessary for each type of brick. The sheet feeding machine plays the role of turning the pallet and sends the board to the bottom of the mold. Then, the finished product is sent from the bottom of the mold to the transport vehicle. The pump station is the heart of the hydraulic system. It is the driving force for each control. The computer is the brain of the whole brick machine, which is the core. All the movements have their own control computer completed.

Everyone knows that in addition to the price problem when buying cement brick machine, the quality of the brick machine is also the most important, but many new customers don’t know how to check the brick machine when they buy the brick machine. Today, as a Brick Making Machine Supplier. Let's talk about how to buy a good cement brick machine and what to pay attention to when buying cement brick machine.

1. The transmission system should be flexible and must not have abnormal sound.

2. No oil leakage should be allowed in all parts. The total oil leakage point of the mechanical transmission part should not exceed one place, and the total oil leakage point of the hydraulic transmission part should not exceed two places.

3. Chain drive transmission system, chain and sprocket shall not produce bite cutting phenomenon, chain tensioning device should be easy to adjust, securely connected, and have good lubrication.

4. Adopting the transmission system with belt drive, the pulley should be aligned, the force is even, and the elastic adjustment can be conveniently carried out.

5. The guide column is well lubricated, with proper fit, no jamming during operation, no shaking!

6. The speed reducer can run continuously for one hour under the rated working condition. The temperature rise of the gear reducer oil should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. The temperature rise of the turbine reducer oil should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, and the maximum oil temperature should not exceed 85 degrees Celsius!

7. The hydraulic system components should be arranged in an orderly manner, the pipelines are clearly oriented, no matter neat, the connection is firm, easy to assemble and inspect, the maximum oil temperature of the hydraulic oil does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius!

The appearance quality of cement brick machine should meet the following requirements:

1. The paint should be even, flat and shiny. The surface should be dry and not sticky. There must be no wrinkles, peeling, paint leakage, flow marks, bubbles, etc.

2. The cover should not have traces of 15mm or surface protrusions, the edges should be round and smooth, and the installation position should be correct, firm and reliable.

3. The exposed parts of the parts should be treated with anti-rust treatment. The surface of the castings should be smooth and smooth. There should be no flashing burrs such as blisters, stomata, and appetite protrusions.

4. The weld should be beautiful, and there should be no leakage welding, cracks, arc pits, slag inclusions, burn through, biting meat, etc. The width of the same weld should be the same, and the difference between the maximum width and the minimum width should not exceed

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