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QTJ4-26C semi-automatic concrete brick/block making machine

Block Machine

QTJ4-26C semi-automatic concrete brick/block making machine

QTJ4-26C is one kind of semi-automatic concrete hollow block machine, which is developed on the basis of small and medium model. The position-setting of the mould and the discharge head are more accurate. The down-mould adopts the vertical, directional vibrating device while the up-mould uses the pressure vibrating. So the blocks made by this machine are even, high in density and strength.

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    main features

    Also the automatic material distributing system greatly increase the productivity.This machine has good performance, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and conforms to JC/T920-2003 standard. It has achieved good economic and social benefits since it was put on the market, and is an ideal equipment for the production of high-quality blocks and concrete bricks (the product can only be 3-5 layers after molding).

    The specific model has the following characteristics:
    1, do not use clay as raw materials, do not destroy an inch of farmland.
    2, the use of industrial waste, can turn waste into treasure, harm into profit.
    3, protect the environment, eliminate pollution, save energy and save farmland,
    4, the production process is simple, can be produced everywhere.
    5, less investment, quick effect, put into production half a year can fully recover the investment.
    6, with automatic fabric function.
    7, beautiful appearance, easy operation, simple maintenance.

    QTJ4-26C block machine is specially designed for medium scale block project. It’s automatic materials feeding, distributing, brick forming. This model block machine is very economical, popular in developing countries.
    1.Capacity for sizes of block and paving blocks
    QTJ4-26C can produce sizes of hollow block, solid brick, paving blocks and curbstone by changing molds.
    2. QTJ4-26C semi automatic concrete hollow block machine needs 6 workers
    QTJ4-26C needs 6 workers. One person operate mixer and add raw material in mixer. One person add pallet and help to operate mixer. One person operate block machine. Three people carry finished blocks from machine to maintained field.
    3. Specification for QTJ4-26c semi automatic concrete hollow block making machine.
    Power:11.75KW Cycle:20-26 Second Pallet Size:850*470*25mm Machine Size:3000*1600*2500mm Weight:2600kgs

    Product specification

    Main Specification
    Overall Size 3000(L)x1800(w)x2200(H)mm
    Cycle 26 S
    Carriage Size 850(L)x550(W)x20(H)mm
    Vibration Force 40KN
    Vibration Frequency 4000-4800r/Min
    Electrical source 380V/50Hz(adjustable)
    Power 19.45KW
    Total Mass 3000KGS

    Product capacity

    Block Name Size Qty/mould Qty/hour Qty/8hours
    Block 400*200*200 4pcs 540pcs 4320pcs
    Block 400*150*200 5pcs 670pcs 5360pcs
    Rectangle 200*100*60 14pcS 1450pcs 11600pcs
    Double T 200*160*60 8pcs 900pcs 7200pcs
    Zig-Zag 225*112.5*60 10pcs 1100pcs 8800pcs