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QT6-15 hydraulic concrete block/brick making machine


QT6-15 hydraulic concrete block/brick making machine

QT6-15 brickmaking machine is a fully automatic hydraulic brickmaking machine production line developed by our company, using PLC intelligent control, man-machine interface, control system with complete logic control, production procedures, fault diagnosis system and remote control functions, do not need professionals, only need to conduct simple training for operators; The replacement mold can produce porous brick, hollow block, standard brick, road brick, curb stone, grass brick, slope protection brick, with secondary distribution device can produce color road brick; Achieve a number of pieces of product molding, reduce power and labor costs; Automatic feeding of the feeder, to achieve automatic feeding, pressing; Overall mold out, to achieve centralized handling palletizing, improve production efficiency

Set machine, light, electricity, hydraulic, high frequency vibration in one of the brick machine products. No waste water, waste residue and waste gas are produced in the production process.

    main features

    This model has the following features:

    1. The whole process adopts PLC intelligent control and human-machine interface dialogue system, which is easy to analyze the accidental signal, fault diagnosis and parameter setting, and ensure the best operation effect of the machine.

    2. Hydraulic system drive

    3. A multi-purpose machine, a wide range of production: concrete hollow block, cement solid block, interlock block, paving brick, color street brick, roadside brick.

    4. Hydraulic block building machine, so it can produce stronger and better quality bricks.

    5. Automatic production line, saving manpower, large output.

    6. Forced feeding device: In the process of moving the feeding box to the mold box, the pumping fork works quickly, and finally ensures the uniformity of material feeding and the consistency of product strength.

    7. Expand the usable area of the workbench: The application of advanced vibration technology makes the workbench larger and greatly improves productivity.

    8. Special vibration type: the pressure and flow of the hydraulic system are controlled by the computer; Vertical frequency conversion. The excessive hydraulic oil is converted into vibration power, thus basically eliminating energy waste.

    9. Reasonable vibration distribution: the mold box is fixed on the vibration table through the drawing mold cylinder, and the indenter is equipped with a special vibrator. The joint vibration of the workbench and the mold increases the vibration speed, making the concrete liquefied and vented rapidly, and the final product reaches high density and high strength.

    Product specification

    Overall Size 4410(L)x2000(w)x2510(H)mm
    Cycle 15 Seconds
    Carriage Size 900(L)x680(W)x25(H)mm
    Vibration Frequency 4000-4800r/Min
    Electrical source 380V/50Hz(adjustable)
    Power 36.4KW
    Total Mass 7000KGS

    Product capacity

    Block Name Size QTY/mould QTY/hour QTY/8hour
    Hollow block 400*200*200mm 6 pcs 1440 pcs
    11520 pcs
    Hollow block 400*150*200mm 8 pcs 1920 pcs 15360 pcs
    Ripple shape 250*250*60mm 6 pcs 1440 pcs
    Zig zag 250*112.5*60mm 20 pcs 4800 pcs 38400 pcs
    Rectangle 200*100*60mm 20 pcs 4800 pcs 38400 pcs