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QT4-30 hydraulic concrete brick/block making machine

Block Machine

QT4-30 hydraulic concrete brick/block making machine

QT4-30 small hydraulic brick making machine, using hydraulic transmission, manual operation of the mixture into the mold box vibration molding. The products have beautiful appearance, clear edges and corners, the weight error of the products is 13%, the strength can reach 10.5 (MPa), the error is 10%, the geometric size < 1.5mm. In line with national standards, excellent performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption.

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    main features

    Through the application of die and fly ash and other industrial wastes, various hollow blocks and solid blocks can be produced. The machine is widely used, not only can produce concrete blocks, but also can use coal pulverized stone, fly ash, slag, other industrial waste slag to produce various types of load-bearing and non-load-bearing blocks. Power system can be selective, optional motor version or diesel engine version; Replace the mold at will to achieve a variety of machines; Four-column guide, elongated guide sleeve, strong and durable structure; The machine can press large roadside stones and hollow blocks; Forced mold synchronization mechanism, stable demoulding, high yield.
    The machine has the advantages of fast product forming, high compactness, high pressure, demoulding can stand, low consumables, and is the ideal preferred equipment for users.

    This model has the following features:
    1. QT4-30 is a small size machine with moderate production capacity and reasonable price.
    2. QT4-30 power system can be selective, optional motor version or diesel engine version. The machine can be powered by diesel or three-phase electricity.
    3. The machine mold is produced according to the shape and size provided by the customer. The machine can produce hollow brick, solid brick, floor brick, road brick, interlocking block and roadside stone with different sizes by replacing the mold.
    4. The production cycle of this machine is 30 seconds, and the size of the pallet is 850-550-20mm
    5. It is a hydraulic block building machine, so it can produce stronger and better quality bricks.
    6. Easy to operate, low investment and high profit.

    Product specification

    Main Specification
    Overall Size 1580(L)x1100(w)x2600(H)mm
    Cycle 30 S
    Carriage Size 850(L)x550(W)x20(H)mm
    Vibration Frequency 4000-4800r/Minute
    Electrical source 380V/50Hz(adjustable)
    Power 11.5KW
    Total Mass 1800KGS

    Product capacity

    Block Name Size QTY/mould QTY/hour QTY/8hour
    Hollow block 400*200*200mm 4 pcs 480 pcs 3840 pcs
    Hollow block 400*150*200mm 5 pcs 600 pcs 4800 pcs
    Hollow block 400*100*200mm 7 pcs 840 pcs 6720 pcs
    Standard brick 240*115*53mm 21 pcs 2520 pcs 20160 pcs
    Zig zag 225*112.5*60mm 10 pcs 1200 pcs 9600 pcs